VW Golf Mk2 4WD 1800 Syncro For Sale

This car has been owned by the same family from new.

Top quality spares have been fitted as and when required including shock absorbers, struts, water pump, front discs, brake master cylinder, wheel bearings etc. The car has a genuine mileage of 174,000 and due to the loving care that's been lavished on it drives like new and always starts first time. The car has the original Pierberg carburetor which some say is unreliable but this really is unjustified in my experience. The carburetor gives excellent performance or economy if you're sticking to the speed limit and is well built.  The only problem in the carfs 28 years of service has been when the small bore vacuum pipes connecting various parts of the carburetor perish and theyfre not difficult to replace!

Only selling as moving abroad

PRICE: Looking for a realistic price and want to sell by end March 2019

PRICE GUIDE: Looking on the internet, average price of 5 similar cars is currently 9000 Pounds ranging from 4304 to 15888. Continue to look after this car and it should be a great investment! As I want to sell quickly I'd be hoping for offers around 3995.

Contact: Andrew  01323 645890 or 07913292698  (Eastbourne East Sussex)